Hello! I'm Alexandru Lazar, the curator of this dusty place.

I deal in computers, usually in the depths of Moria kernelspace and low-level tools (especially at work), but that is mostly by accident. Back when I was really young and, like all really young people, really stupid, I thought CS was math for people who cannot program properly and CompEng was engineering for people who cannot get a real EE degree, so I got a degree in EE. The most important thing I learned from the whole ordeal is that the idiocy of the young is not without hope, unlike the idiocy of the old. But all that stuff about transistors and whatnot turned out to be kind of useful, too, and there are people willing to pay programmers who know it. One thing led to another and I ended up toggling bits for a living. Some of it on scary stuff, like machinery for neurosurgery.

Prior to doing that, I briefly worked on number-crunching software for the EDA industry. Published papers, attended conferences. Had my soul smashed into pieces and got out of academia before I ran out of sanity for it to claim.

And prior to that, I dimly recall something about web stuff, back when there was more to Internet than ads and more to programming for it than subtly tracking people and reinventing every single wheel that has ever been invented in the history of computing. Sometimes I wonder if that was not just a dream.

When I run out of computer-spinning steam, I dabble in mythology, history and music. I am slowly learning to play the drums again (have not touched them since high school, and now I do not have all that time I used to have in high school; bummer). And I try to find time to toy with a fantasy universe in-between, but that happens a lot less frequently than I would want.

Want to talk to me? alazar at startmail dot com. I'm super friendly, drop me a message.