The jwz, who's infuriatingly right at least as often as Stallman is, but is a little more likeable..

Things that will harm you and make you consider another career if you think you want to spend your life writing software.

John D. Duncan III, utopian philosopher and much-needed salvager of computer artwork.

Guillaume Tello, owner of an enviable computer collection.

Linus Akesson, who keeps the demo spirit alive and makes computers do magic stuff.

The DigiBarn Computer Museum

A repository of timeless knowledge from USENET

Index Librorum Liberorum, homepage of John Walker

Allen Garvin's website, which holds some interesting Unix-related historical material as well as some very interesting material on faerie folklore


Certainly not computers

Another kind of hacking, equally interesting.

They got tea and ship all over Europe.

More consulting, less fluffle.

Daring Gourmet, in case you want to eat something delicious and make a mess in your kitchen.