Most of the material on this website is jester-level and should not be taken entirely at face value. There are exceptions though. Here they are.

A forever-updated list of interesting papers and articles.

The perpetual beta, or what happens when a whole generation of programmers is raised on myths about move fast and break things.

Getting started with the STM32 Nucleo development board for ARM Cortex-M0 MCUs.

A multiboot-compliant flat image. Elf? No one has seen one in millOoooh, ELF, you mean. Never heard of it.

DMA-based SPI on SHARC ADSP-21489. Fortunately, I don't need to program for this DSP anymore. Initially, the article read "I hope whoever wrote the reference manual for the ADSP-214xx series dies a slow, painful dead, several times if possible", but I decided to reformulate it in a slightly more professional manner. Oh, and if you want to do SPI on ADSP-21489, it shows you how. You know, with code, unlike the reference manual. Seriously, who does that.

New Horizons' Radiation-Hardened Playstation, scratching the surface of why a radiation-hardened chip costs more than a kidney.

Anatomy of a simple Linux rootkit, where we can see just how much havoc an operating system can really wreck and how we're all doomed.

A bramble of thoughts on Gentoo's perceived lack of relevance lately.

Tech, but...

A long time ago I found something called the Jargon file on a shovelware CD. I was really young, so ESR's distasteful pretentiousness was very seductive. I think I came to my senses at the end of puberty or so, but I've done my best to hang on to the baby after throwing the bathwater. Look, I wrote these:

This thing about Bug Norris which is sort of like those boring lists of facts about Chuck Noris, only this one isn't boring and you haven't already read every single item on it.

This bestiary, which is kindda cute in its own ways and makes some people believe I might even have feelings. Which is, of course, entirely absurd.

Linux Myths debunked, 2017 edition, a short summary of why I'm considering getting a Mac (or buying Windows) this year.

My WindowMaker page. Get off my lawn.

Techniques, tips and tricks for theming GTK3.