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What's that?

WindowMaker is the window manager I've been using for the last fifteen years or so. I've taken the occasional detour (KDE 3.x, then FVWM) but I kept coming back to it. Lately I've been trying to drag my ass from the Linux Middle Ages into Plasma or Gnome, but all that innuvashon keeps crashing and looks like crap, so I'm stuck here for the foreseeable future.

WindowMaker development stagnated for a long time, but was restarted a few years ago. I submitted one or two very trivial patches, too, so you could say things are pretty serious between us.

WindowMaker Themes

A very active art scene once existed around Window Maker. Unfortunately, much of what is produced went the way of the Internet Dodo along with Freshmeat's theme section. Many of the themes that can still be found are dated now: 4:3-sized wallpapers from back in the days when monitors didn't suck, font choices more appropriate for CRT screens and so on.

Here's my humble contribution to getting some of that awesomeness back.


Friend. A (hopefully) subtle tribute to a great platform. I'd recommend you a GTK3 theme to go with it but whatever I recommend won't work next year so I won't bother you with that. The screenshot uses a slightly modified version of OneStepBack (smaller padding for most GTK3 widgets).


Vertex. Meant to go well with the Vertex GTK theme. This one does not come with a wallpaper, use whatever blue ink blot thing you can find.

Blue Stripe

Blue Stripe. A lightsaber-coloured theme.

The wallpaper is Black Hole by Marek Koteluk


I used to display a bunch of dockapps back when I was a l33t kid d0ing k00l stuff, but I eventually trimmed it down to two: wmsystemtray and wmitime. The latter is currently being maintained in the community repo.

March 30, 2017